• School Orientation for School Year 2015-2016


    Every year, we invite the parents to Nest’s school orientation to (1) give the new parents a snapshot of what Nest is about and (2) announce any changes or issues in the curriculum and policies. We also go through the School Calendar so the families can prepare for the upcoming events. Another important part of the orientation is the introduction of the teachers and connect them to their respective homerooms.

    Last Saturday, May 30, we held the School Orientation in the QC Sports Club, along ERodriguez QC. For this year, we separated the preschool and grade school orientation.

    In the Preschool Orientation, Teacher Tina started with Nest’s Mission and 4 Pillars — Connect, Imagine, Move and Inspire. Then she continued by going through the School Calendar of activities. She also discussed several important policies regarding attendance and schedule. The floor was then opened for questions and feedback.

    A similar timeline was presented for the Grade School orientation. Teacher Tina reserved any curricular issue for the Curriculum Presentations in July.

    Important announcements were:

    1. The shortened periods for Grade School for June 3-5. First day of the Preschool is on June 15.

    2. Our database of students is being updated. All old Nest students are requested to download the Information Sheet from the Forms section of this site, fill it up with current information and submit it to their homeroom teachers on the first day of school.

    3. The Fetcher’s IDs should be completed, laminated and attach with a lanyard.

    4. The next time we will invite the parents over is for Curriculum Presentation July 4 for the Preschool and Kinder, July 11 for the Lower Grades and July 25 for the Upper Grades.


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