• Preschool’s Nutrition Week: Yummy in my Tummy

    July 13-16 marked the preschool’s celebration of Nutrition Week. The students from Preschool A and B were exposed to different activities to further educate them about healthy eating and staying fit. Here are the activities done during the Nutrition Week:

    • Making food headdresses and Preschool Parade – Our favorite healthy food like fruits and vegetables came to life as we decorated our headdresses with feathers, sequins, art paper, and more. The day of the parade started off with us lining up and putting our headdresses on. We walked around the playground and waved to everyone in the waiting area; they were taking pictures and videos of us as we flashed them our best smiles. We also visited and said “hi” to our ates and kuya in the different grade school classrooms.
    • Film-viewing: The Berenstein Bears “Too Much Junk Food” – We learned from the movie that eating healthy food  helps us stay strong and exercising keeps us physically fit. Some of us were able to relate to the exercises done by the bears like jogging. After watching it, our teachers further explained to us the benefits we can get from healthy eating and regular exercising.
    • Story-telling: “Ang Ampalaya sa Pinggan ni Peepo” by Joachim Antonio (A Lampara book) – The story is about a boy who had an exceptional encounter with an ampalaya monster. This story made us realize that we can actually try to eat food that we may be unfamiliar with. How healthy food is presented to us also helps in encouraging us to eat well.
    • Making a plant head by planting monggo seeds – We were also taught by our teachers that we could grow our own food. Before we planted our monggo seeds, we learned that plants need sunlight, water, and soil to grow. We were given our own plastic containers which we filled up with soil using plastic spoons. We then planted the seeds and sprinkled them with water. We watched them grow until the monggo sprouts were tall and standing up!

    To end our nutrition week, we had a short program wherein the parents were invited, too. The program started with singing the National Anthem, followed by an opening prayer, “He’s the Lord”, both of which were led by the preschoolers from both classes. Then, a short audio-visual presentation was shown which showcased the action shots of the children during the Nutrition Week. Afterwhich, the two classes had a short presentation wherein Preschool A danced to “Today is Monday” by Eric Carle and the Preschool B sang and moved to “Apples and Bananas” by Barney. The highlight of the program was the sharing of the nutritious food brought by the parents and students. It was a great way to end our Nutrition Week! Even the parents learned new ways of food preparation to be able to encourage their children to eat healthy food. It’s indeed a week of “Yummy in my Tummy”.

    Take a look at the Nutrition Week pictures and all the different food prepared by the parents and students. Have fun browsing!

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