• We’re Going on a Noun Hunt!

    This quarter, the second graders are learning about nouns. They’ve discovered that there are so many different kinds of nouns all around us! There are people, animals, places, and things. There are common nouns and proper nouns, count nouns and non-count nouns, and there are still other kinds of nouns that we haven’t even talked about. It’s exciting to see what nouns we can find in our surroundings.

    Grade 2 Lawin loves to move around and explore, so we decided to go on a noun hunt! The children partnered up and went around the school looking for different count nouns and non-count nouns. In the classroom, they found that they can count the pencils, tables, chairs, bags, and scissors, but couldn’t count the glue, the water in their water bottles, and the rubbing alcohol.

    On the first floor and in the assembly area, they wrote that they could count the steps going up to the second floor and the doors of the classrooms, but not soil in the plant boxes.


    They spent most of the time in their favorite place– the playground! There, they found that they could count the sand toys, shovels, balls, and swings, but not the sand or the leaves in the trees.


    After their exciting hunt, the second graders went back to their classroom and exchanged notes with their classmates on what nouns they found. They found a lot of nouns on their own, but learned a lot of new count and non-count nouns from each other, too. We can’t wait to go exploring again!

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