• What’s Inside The Mystery Bag?

    This July, Preschool A had sensory activities on food as a kick-off to our theme “I can prepare food.” One of those activies was the Mystery Food. The  children honed their guessing skills by feeling the Mystery Food inside the Mystery Bag. Teacher Alpha gave the following clues before she asked each child to feel the food item inside the Mystery Bag:

    1) It is green.

    2) It is a vegetable.

    Curiosity was painted all over their faces as each child had his/her turn to feel what is inside the bag. Few of them even tried to pull out the mystery veggie! 🙂

    pic 1


    pic 2  

    pic 3The little ones are still learning the words to describe texture and hardness but with guidance, some  managed to utter Filipino adjectives such as malamig, malaki, and matigas.  Do you have a guess of what the Mystery Food is? Which green vegetable is cold, big and hard? Revelation time! It is the bitter but nutritious vegetable, the Ampalaya! pic 4

    Without a doubt, the children enjoyed exploring the ampalaya using their sense of touch. We are looking forward to having more Mystery Bag activities in the coming weeks!

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