• Little Engines by Preschool B

    “Chugga- chugga- choo- choo!”, The Preschool B would say as they painted the tissue rolls that were to be their trains. Early on, they listened intently as teacher read the story about The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper and they were quite eager to make their own versions of trains that would carry toys, yummy food, and many more! The boys in class were particularly excited to bring their work home and make their trains race against other toys. They were each given two tissue rolls and were told that the first would be the first cart and the other would be the second cart. They carefully chose from an array of colors like blue, pink, purple, and red. Afterwards, they painted the tissue rolls and did great job showing their creativity.


    After the tissue rolls dried up, they were each given four black circles and pasted them on side of the tissue rolls to make wheels so the train could merrily move along the tracks. When everyone finished pasting their wheels on the tissue rolls, the boys, led by Jayce, began move their trains in the air while saying “choo-choo, choo-choo!”. Teacher then gave the class clothespins which was attached to the top of the tissue roll; this was to be the smokestack of the train. To complete the activity, the Preschool B placed cotton to make it look like that train was actually moving and that smoke was coming out.


    It was great to see how much the Preschool B enjoyed this activity especially when both carts were attached together by yarn. They could not contain their excitement to bring home the finished products to show their mommies and daddies. It was definitely fun for everyone and we learned a lot about the different kinds of trains and what they carry,

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