• Pacman goes chomp chomp!

    The grade 1 students had a great time learning how to compare numbers using Mr. Pacman!

    The children discovered that Mr. Pacman has a big appetite. He prefers to eat the bigger number. The concept of greater than and less than were introduced using the configuration of Pacman’s mouth.
    Untitled  Untitled

    But what if both set of objects have the same number? Uh-oh! Pacman would be undecided or maybe confused on what to gobble! So his face will look like the one on the picture. Untitled

    Concentrating on the mouth formation of Pacman, the grade 1 students learned the concept of “is equal to” or “same as”.



    At the end of the period, the children enthusiastically made their own version of Pacman. There was a Batman Pacman, a Vampire Pacman, a Slender man Pacman and even a Rainbow Pacman. The children totally had fun with this activity!

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