• K-2 Nutrition Week

    Eat healthy. Be fit.
    UntitledEvery month, classes from Kinder to Grade 2 (K-2) have their Happy Day during Assembly time to introduce the theme of the month. Since July is Nutrition Month, we had a Storytelling Activity about healthy eating. We read Ang Ampalaya sa Pinggan ni Peepo.

    Last July 21- 24, 2015, K-2 classes had various activities all throughout the week to celebrate Nutrition Week. We talked about My Healthy Plate which should have food from 5 different groups. We played Food Hunt and categorized the food groups namely Vegetables, Fruits, Proteins, Grains, and Dairies.

    We also made our own My Healthy Plate with our favorites.

    On Friday, we had our Culmination Activity where each class performed an exercise/ fitness dance routine.
    Kinder’s gonna give it to you with their Zumba to the tune of Uptown Funk.


    Grade 1- Pagala bounced with energy during their Ball Exercise routine to the tune of Happy.

    Grade 1- Maya was rising up to the song Eye of the Tiger in their Tae Bo exercise.

    Grade 2- Lawin was as fast as lightning as they performed a Kung Fu routine to the tune of Kung Fu Fighting.

    For the finale, we sang and danced “Kain, Kain, Kain” from JoomaJam.

    After sweating it out, it’s time for everybody’s most favourite part: the Class Salu- Salo! Students from each class brought different food from the five food groups.

    Click here for more pictures of the event.

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