• Yummy Count and Non-Count Naming Words

    It’s the first graders’ turn to learn about count and non-count naming words! Because we love everything colorful and delicious, we applied our what we learned by making fruit salad.


    First, we read the recipe we were going to follow. We made sure we had all the ingredients, then we grouped all count naming words and non-count naming words together.


    After making sure all our ingredients were ready, we all took turns following the recipe.


    Finally, we put the fruit salad in the freezer to cool. After a few hours, we all enjoyed our yummy fruit salad. The kids were pleasantly surprised that it tasted so good. Most of them came back for second and third helpings!

    After this activity, the first graders had fun coming up with more edible count (cookies, donuts, pizza slices) and non-count (syrup, butter, sugar). What count and non-count naming words do you see in your kitchen?

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