• Grade 2 Lawin Describes the Nest Teachers and Staff

    This quarter, the second graders have been learning all about adjectives. Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned about sense adjectives, emotions, and characteristics. It was so much fun to think of adjectives to describe people, places, animals, and things around us. (The kids will tell you that it was especially fun to describe food!)

    As our final adjectives activity, Grade 2 Lawin celebrated Teacher’s Month by using the adjectives they learned to describe the people they see at school everyday– their teachers, ates, and kuyas!


    The children were very excited to draw and describe some of their favorite people. It was hard to pick who they would write about!


    They had so many things to say!

    12076670_10153274551107753_2135212891_o 12076282_10153274552332753_2003315213_o

    Their work shows how well they really know the people who take care of them at school, and how much they appreciate and enjoy their company.



    Happy Teacher’s Month to all the Nest Teachers and Staff! Grade 2 Lawin (and surely, all the Nest children) love you very much!

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