• Days of the Week according to Math 3 – 6 Classes

    Grades 3 to 6 students have Math class almost everyday in school and that’s four times a week. We call our days based on the activities we do and it follows the Concrete Pictorial Abstract Approach or the CPA Approach (watch out for another blog on this topic). Our Math days are called:
    1. Meaningful Mondays
    2. Terrific Tuesdays
    3. Work @ home Wednesdays (sometimes)
    4. Thinking Thursdays
    5. Figure It Out Fridays
    6. Work @ Home Weekends
    Meaningful Mondays are devoted for learning words we will use in Math. We define words, give examples, and find where we see or use these concepts. We also use concrete objects or manipulatives. This is the Concrete part.

    1Kilogram 1 grambase ten blocks

    Terrific Tuesdays are game days. Obviously, it’s the favorite Math day of the week! We play games that help us master our basic skills in math. (Since this is the favorite day, another blog will be written all about this.)

    game gr 4addition game

    game gr5

    Having concrete experiences, we are ready to try the pictorial and abstract part on Thinking Thursdays. We answer worksheets and use paper and pencils on these days.


    Figure It Out Fridays are for checking the worksheets we answered the day before if we have not checked them. Students check their own paper to get immediate feedback – to know what they know and figure out also what went wrong. Figure It Out Fridays can also be a Quiz day for us.

    Wednesdays and Weekends are for homeworks where we practice independent individual work and/or practical application of our lessons like knowing how far our houses are from Nest for the topic on distance, our family’s celebration for a year for the topic on calendar, making our own story problem, etc.

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