• Palarong Pinoy 2015

    Palarong Pinoy is an annual event held every September in which children of Nest from different levels are grouped together to form four teams – Kahel, Pula, Dilaw at Bughaw, together with their teachers. Palarong Pinoy is a day activity wherein children play different Philippine games to determine who’s the fastest, strongest and toughest among the aforementioned teams.

    In the list, there were 13 games played last September 24 at UP Village court. The games were Araw at Gabi, Hakbang Tsinelas, Bamboo Pole Relay, Tumbang Preso, Tiyakad, Karera ng Lata, Sambunot, Agawan ng Panyo, Bola sa Buslo, Karera ng Gulong, Magtanim ay Di Biro, Kuhain ang Kulay and Bato Bato Pik.

    To jump start the Palarong Pinoy, teams showed their team spirit by performing a cheer.

    cheer 2cheer 3

    cheer 4cheer 1

    For this year’s cheering competition, Team Kahel proved their creativity and oneness by winning this segment.

    After cheering competition, the first game was played. The game is Araw at Gabi, wherein marshal flips a slipper and players chooses between Araw at Gabi. All students played until one player was left in the play area. For this game, Shea Castro of Team Dilaw won. Team Dilaw got their first 30 points.


    Following Araw at Gabi is the game called Hakbang Tsinelas played by the preschoolers. Hakbang Tsinelas required our little ones to jump or skip over the tsinelas and trace their way back to the starting line. Team Bughaw won this game.


    Bamboo Pole Relay was the first game played by the Grades 1 and 2. Players must maneuver the bamboo pole from and to the starting line while preventing a pingpong ball from falling on its place. Team Kahel won this game.


    Children love aiming. This is the reason why we retain Tumbang Preso again in this year’s list of games. Tumbang Preso was played by the upper grades, Grades 3 to 6. The goal of the game is to hit the lata as often as they can within one and a half minute. Team Pula won this game.


    Tiyakad, a relay game wherein one must need to run using the coconuts were played also by the Grades 3-6. Player’s balance and speed were tested by this game. Team Bughaw won this game.


    The Grades 1 and 2 enjoyed playing Karera ng Lata. They were challenged to control the speed of their lata as they pushed it from and to the starting line. Team Pula won this game. 


    This year’s new game is called Sambunot. Using a coconut husk, Grades 3-6 must be able to kick it from and to the starting line. Team Pula won this game.


    Parents were more excited than the players when Agawan ng Panyo was played by the Preschoolers. Numbers 1 to 6 were given to the Preschoolers and with the given signal; they must get the panyo from the marshal and run back to the starting line. Team Bughaw won this game.


    Bola sa Buslo is also a new game played by the grade schoolers. In this game, players’ coordination, speed and timing were tested as they try to shoot a ball in a cup by swinging their arms forward and upward. Team Kahel won this game.


    Karera ng Gulong is an all-time favorite game played by our Nest students. Players from Grades 3-6 must be able to roll the tire using a kahoy from and to the starting line. Team Kahel won this game. 


    Magtanim ay Di Biro was played by our little ones. Preschoolers must be able to shoot a straw to a cup as if they were planting rice. Team Dilaw won this game.


    Kuhain ang Kulay is a new game played by the Grades 4 to 6. Within one minute, a player must be able to grab the right color inside a play area. Players must be careful in grabbing because getting an incorrect color will be deducted to the correct ones. Team Kahel won this game.


    The all-time favorite Bato Bato Pik was the final game played by our Nest children. In this game, Team Kahel won.


    Team Dilaw and Team Pula tied at Third Place with 150 points. Team Bughaw was Second Place with 160 points. Team Kahel bragged the First place with a score of 220 points. Truthfully, Palarong Pinoy is a momentous event for our Nest children. This is the event where they can show how play can be serious, yet enjoyable; and for them, their experiences in Palarong Pinoy are something that is truly unforgettable.





    Palarong Pinoy

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