• Preschooler’s Day Out!

    Last October 6, the preschoolers had their first fieldtrip. They visited different places of interest such as Manila Zoological Garden, MMDA Children’s Road Safety Park, and Museong Pambata. Preschool A visited one place, Preschool B visited two places, and the Kinder class visited 3 places, all located in Manila.

    Museong Pambata

    Preschool A, Preschool B and Kinder students excitedly explored the different theme rooms in Museong Pambata: Kalikasan, Old Manila, Career Options, I Love My Planet Earth, My Body Works, Pamilihang Bayan, Global Village, Karapatan Hall. The interactive rooms of the museum made the children’s visit more meaningful.



    image1After the museum tour, all the classes had their lunch together near the Playground area of Museo Pambata. MMDA Children’s Road Safety Park The second stop of the trip was the MMDA Children’s Road Safety Park. Two classes, PS B and Kinder, continued to explore this place. They were shown different road signs and were taught what the different signs mean. They had a great time going around the park as they “follow” the traffic rules being told by the park coordinators. PA060869PA060898PA060874PA060930Manila Zoological Garden The last stop for the Kinder class was the Manila Zoo. They were able to meet zookeepers and enjoyed viewing different animals, including the elephant. PA060971PA060962PA061062

    It was a fun-filled day for the Nest preschoolers! We can’t wait for our next field trip!

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