• Gradeschool’s United Nations Celebration (2016)

    October 24 is United Nations Day for the gradeschoolers and they celebrated it by learning about the organization, the different continents, and specific countries. They made flags from the continents assigned to them. They also engaged themselves in answering trivia questions for a week.

    UN 2016 Airport

    UN 2016 AfricaUN 2016 AsiaUN 2016 Australia

    UN 2016 EuropeUN 2016 North AmericaUN 2016 South America

    To cap off the month-long United Nations celebration, the students prepared for major activities that they enjoyed:

    Day 1: Nest International Exhibit The students went around the world by visiting different continents, which they designed and created themselves.

    In Africa, they learned about Egypt, Madagascar, and South Africa. They entered the Pyramids of Egypt and met the gods and mummies inside it. They traveled to the rainforest of Madagascar and played with the animals endemic to the country. They scaled the caves of South Africa to appreciate the paintings left by the prehistoric men and made their own masterpiece.

    UN 2016 AfricaUN 2016 AfricaUN 2016 Africa

    In Asia, they learned about Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, and Maldives. They danced Kung Fu Fighting, and tried to do yoga for kids.

    UN 2016 Asia UN 2016 AsiaUN 2016 Asia

    In Australia, they learned about fun facts about its different states, and tried to fly paper boomerangs.

    UN 2016 AustraliaUN 2016 AustraliaUN 2016 Australia

    In Europe, they learned about Italy, Netherlands, and Ireland. They made their own tulips.

    UN 2016 EuropeUN 2016 EuropeUN 2016 Europe

    In North America, they learned about Hawaii, Mexico, and Texas. They became cowboys and cowgirls and tried to catch a horse using a lasso.

    UN 2016 North AmericaUN 2016 North AmericaUN 2016 North America

    In South America, they learned about Colombia and Brazil. They played a mini olympic game and tried to shoot some rings.

    UN 2016 South AmericaUN 2016 South AmericaUN 2016 South America

    They also did activities at the airport while waiting for their flights. Their passports showed which exhibits they visited.

    UN 2016 AirportUN 2016 AirportUN 2016 Airport

    Day 2: Parade, Awarding, and Feast The students wore costumes related to any country found in the continent assigned to them.


    The Dance Till We Drop and Pugad Musika also showcased their talents by dancing “Where is the Love?” and singing “Kapayapaan” respectively.


    Finally, the whole community feasted together on foods from the different continents.

    Through the month-long celebration with the theme, “Embracing Diversity towards Peace and Unity,” everyone was reminded that we may have differences, but we can still work together to make the world a better place.

    To view more photos, please visit our Facebook groups and check out the Day 1 and Day 2 UN albums.

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