• Parent Involvement: A wonderful experience for the children and parents

    Nest believes in the importance of parent involvement in children’s learning. It provides a great connection from home to school and vice-versa. It also boosts the children’s self-esteem and makes them even more excited to learn the class topic. After every activity, we’re happy to hear how the parents enjoyed being the “teacher” in the class or at least handling their child’s class for an activity. We also appreciate their effort for making time to be with us despite their busy schedules.

    I would like to share with you the different activities in the preschool-kinder classes last semester which involved our students’ parents.

    Pre-N and Nursery

    Home Visit

    The class was learning about the “house” and “family” as a a unit in the community. The class was welcomed by the Bejerano family to further enhance children’s learning about “What’s inside a house?”. The class went for a house tour, visiting its different parts, guided by Mommy, Daddy and some helpers. After the tour, the children sat all together and listened to Mommy Rechelle’s story. The children were given delicious snacks as well and before heading back to school, they received their “house” giveaway from Enzo!




    Tutti Fruity Salad

    The children had one fruity morning with Mommy Jean during the period when they are learning about Healthy Food. She came to the class and showed the children the different fruits that they are going to use for the food preparation. The children excitedly answered her questions, revealing their present skills on color, shape, and size identification aside from their fruit knowledge. Then each child was given a chance to either slice, pour, or mix the ingredients. When it was all ready, the children ate it and at the end, they had a full tummy of Tutti Fruity Salad.

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    Job talk by Mommy Nurse and Tita Doc

    Learning about Nurses and Doctors was made more fun with the coming of Mommy Nurse and Tita Doc of Lucas. They visited the class wearing their uniforms and brought different tools which they use when doing their work. The children excitedly tried out the different tools, exploring its uses.



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    Toothy Smile Apple Snack

    And when the class was learning about Dentists, one of their activities was making a snack to display learning about “teeth”. Mommy Bianca of Tori made snacks with the children using apple slices, peanut butter, and marshmallows. The children carefully spread the butter and placed the “tooth” (marshmallow) one by one. After making their very own Toothy Smile Apple snack, the children went on tasting it! Yum!






    Veggie Bicycle

    Learning about bicycle is made more fun with Daddy Buddy”s activity with the Pre-Kinder. He came to demonstrate to the class how to form a bicycle using vegetable slices. They first identified the different healthy food brought to class and continued with identifying the bicycle parts. After Daddy Buddy’s demo, the children went on making  their own Veggie Bicycles.


    14364619_169581186779668_8118675908339742569_n14355017_169580753446378_4546062060853295654_n    Taxi Bread Making It was a “brrrooooom” morning with Mommy Charlene as she made Taxi Bread with the children. Using bread slices, colored ketchup, square and round crackers, Mommy showed the children how to form a Taxi with it. After carefully observing and watching Mommy, the children had the chance to take part in making another Taxi Bread.   14088618_159629841108136_8472019260787407423_n

    14102157_159629981108122_4614220933807679217_n Job Talk

    In line with the transportation theme of the Pre-Kinder class, Mommy Edlyn and Daddy TJ visited the class and talked about “push carts”. The children also learned from their talk that there are families who live in push carts and need the help of other people through donation. It was indeed an informative morning!






    While learning about rootcrops, vines, and herbs, Mommy Kay spent some storytime with the Kinder-Tikling. She read the book, “Growing Vegetable Soup” by Lois Ehlert.



    Moving Fish Art Activity

    During the week of learning about fish, Mommy Audrey did an interesting art activity with the children. She demonstrated to the children how to make a Moving Fish through folding, cutting, and pasting methods. Afterwhich, Mommy Audrey helped the children make their own artwork.





    Turtle Pancake

    To end the Kinder-Tikling’s learning about turtles, the class prepared turtle pancakes with Mommy Ruby. The children were shown the ingredients and they carefully watched how Mommy formed the “turtle” on the pan. Afterwhich, the children were able to make their very own turtle pancakes with Mommy’s help. Of course, they happily ended the activity by tasting the delicious pancakes they made!





    Malunggay Meatballs

    While learning about trees, Daddy John spent some time with the children to prepare Malunggay meatballs. The children were shown all the ingredients that they would be needing to make the meatballs – identifying its varying characteristics. Then the children excitedly took turns in combining the ingredients. Some were a bit hesitant to try it at first. But with encouragement of its healthy benefits and great taste,  at the end, all the children were able to taste it!





    Herb Pasta

    Mommy Donna prepared a healthy herb pasta together with the Kinder Pipit one afternoon as they learn about the use of herbs. She had a short talk and brought different ingredients which the children were able to explore using their senses. The activity ended with the children trying the nutritious herb pasta that they made!






    Chocolate Banana Muffin

    Mommy Bim came to the class with a bag full of equipment and ingredients for baking as she will prepare Chocolate Banana Muffin with them in line with the class learning about fruit bearing trees. The class happily helped mommy Mommy put together the ingredients, scoop the batter onto the cupcake liners, and patiently waited for it to bake. And when it was finally ready, the children couldn’t contain their excitement to try it!






    It was indeed a fruitful semester! Once again, we thank you parents for making the learning extra special with your participation. We look forward to this second semester with more exciting learning experiences and parent involvement in our class activities!

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