• Preschool’s United Nations Celebration (2016)

    Every month of October, United Nations is celebrated. This is a joyous time for people to embrace cultural diversity, including the Preschool children of Nest. This year, the children were engrossed with learning about distinct cultures from around the world. Each class was assigned a country where they were able to experience its culture and practices through multiple activities in a span of two weeks.

    For the Pre – Nursery and Nursery Class, they enjoyed learning about New Zealand, specifically the indigenous Maori people. On the other hand, the Pre – Kinder Class were delighted to discover about South Korean culture. Kinder – Tikling had a great time in discussing about Greece and its rich history, while Kinder – Pipit spent much time in becoming aware of the Native American culture.




    As a way to cap the celebration off, October 7, 2016 was the culminating day where the children got to exhibit their works about their specific country (refer to the picture above). They were even able to present dance performances in relation to the country the learned about.

    Pre – Nursery and Nursery Class dancing to the tune of Rere Atu.

    Pre-Kinder class dancing to the beat of the Yumi Yomi Song.

    Kinder-Tikling class dancing to the fast – paced rhythm of the Zorba Dance.

    Kinder-Pipit class following the tempo of the Powwow Thanksgiving Song.


    The Kinder students did an extra performance also in the afternoon, showcasing their learning from their Club time.

    This is the Yoga Club that shows Gratitude adapted from Mary Mcguire.


    Then, the Music Club sang Hello ‘Round the World by Jenny Heitler-Klevans


    Last but not the least, the Dance Club performed Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas


    To show our school pride, all the children sang the Nest Hymn: Sa Ating Pugad


    Finally, throughout the first semester of the school year, there has been a great number of parent volunteers who spared some time and prepared activities for the children. To show our gratitude, certificates were given to these helpful parents who are partners of the school in helping their children learn new ideas and gain new experiences.


    A celebration would not feel complete without having a feast. With several kinds of dishes from all over the world in one buffet, it was both an amazing sight and a scrumptious treat for these children.


    It was truly a fun celebration for both the parents and the students. It was also an educational experience for the children to learn about other cultural practices of several countries outside the Philippines. Until the next year’s United Nations Celebration!

    You may visit the link below for more pictures of the event:

    PRESCHOOL: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nestph/albums/72157673580804292

    KINDER: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nestph/albums/72157674915264935/with/30070106182/

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