• Literacy Month 2017

              January 2017 was a vibrant celebration of art and literature for Nest. The entire school, from our Pre-Nursery students to our teachers, took part in many different activities that emphasized the beauty of stories and encouraged everyone at school to nurture their love for storytelling in all of its various forms. Keep reading to get a glimpse of all the exciting things we did for Literacy Month!

    Grade School Spelling Bee

              This year’s spelling bee contestants have a large vocabulary, and it was a very close fight. This activity not only encouraged the children to build their vocabulary, but also taught them to be good sports.



    Nest Open Mic

              The highlight of Literacy Month every year is the Nest Open Mic (NOM). NOM gives everyone at school (students, teachers, and even parents!) a chance to share their talents with each other. This year’s performers exhibited a wide variety of talents, which just goes to show that our stories may be told in many different ways.









    A Book Character Day

              Finally, to close our Literacy Month celebration, we held “A Book Character Day,” a day in which the students and teachers came to school dressed as their favorite book characters, and shared their favorite books with each other. The children enjoyed telling their classmates about the stories they love, and exchanging books with each other for the day. Everybody also got really creative with their costumes!





              While Literacy Month only officially comes around every January, at Nest, we give books and stories lots of love all year-round (just ask our school librarian)! We hope that you can enjoy a couple of good stories with your family everyday, too.

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